My name is Taylor Carver, and I am an investment professional who is passionate about trading in the stock market. I research my investments obsessively, confident that the more I learn, the better I will do. To me, there is nothing else like the stock market. It affords me an opportunity to improve my life every day, limited by only the amount of work I am willing to put in, and I am willing to put in a lot of work.

Before I got into investing, I pursued a career in teaching. That was my first passion, and my dream growing up was to be a high school teacher and basketball coach. After taking all of the courses required to become a teacher, I came to realize that teachers were simply being paid a wage that was unfair and insufficient. I had a definite image of the life that I wanted to live, and teaching was not going to get me there.

Working in the stock market, on the other hand, certainly has. I provide well for my family, going on adventures all around the world, exploring the distant lands that I had once only ever seen in pictures and spending time lounging on the luscious beaches that dot the coasts of Southeast Asia, driving around the US in an RV, and backpacking through Europe. In order to give back to the world, I have also volunteered my time with refugees in the Middle East.

In that same vein, I launched The Trading Analyst. I wanted to give back, to help people who were struggling to improve their lives. This website is intended to give students of the stock market a leg up by revealing the secrets and wisdom that I have accrued over my seven-year career. Combining teaching with investing, it is something about which I can get excited and of which I can be proud.

I’ll Trade For You

In addition to this alert service, I also manage money and trade on other’s behalf.

In 2019, the accounts I manage finished with a total return of 48.98%.

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