I’ll Trade For You

My name is Taylor Carver, and aside from my wife and family, my one true passion is the pursuit of abnormal returns in the stock market.

I have dedicated more than a decade of my life to this pursuit of mastering the stock market.

While I do believe in continued improvement, open mindedness, and staying humble…. I am also extremely confident in my abilities and believe that I am one of the best traders in the world.

In 2019, the managed accounts I trade for finished with a total return of 48.98%.

How I Trade

Every trade I make for clients follows simple trend following principles. The hallmark of trend following is keeping losses small and winners big.

Capital protection is of the utmost importance in everything I do for myself and clients.

Most people would be surprised to learn that, while we finished the year up 48.98% in 2019, we actually had more losing trades than winning. This is because we have very tight leashes on our trades and cut losses quickly. Conversely, we let our winners run for the majority of the trend, which results in large profits.

Additionally, we are not afraid to sit out of the market. For example, there was a 3 month period in 2019 where there was some uncertainty and choppiness in the market. We avoided this and sat in all cash for this time. Once the trend resumed, we were ready and deployed more capital in the market.

Everything I do for clients is backed by proven strategies and countless hours of research and analysis.

To take it a step further, pictured below is a client’s account. He’s been with me for 8 months now. He started with $100,000 and has $83,257 in gains so far, giving the account an 83% return (before fees) in just 8 months.

I’ve highlighted the individual trade results (wins in green, losses in red), so you’re able to get an even better picture of how our trend following strategies are not only very accurate, but produce large wins and small losses.


Interactive Brokers ($IBKR) is one of the most well known global brokerages in the world. This is where all client accounts are held.

Clients open a regular individual account within IB and then link it to my “master” account within the platform. When this is done, I will be able to place trades in the client’s account.

Only the client can withdraw/deposit funds from the account, I do not have that ability.

There is very small management fee that is collected monthly, as well as a profit split fee based on any realized gains that is collected quarterly.

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