Because members immediately benefit from the information and knowledge we provide at The Trading Analyst, we do not give refunds. Investing and trading is a marathon, not a sprint so every last piece of information that can help you learn along the way and give you an edge in the market is worth investing in, especially when that information is given at such a reasonable price. We take our business and customers very seriously and work very hard to give you the absolutely best information in the market that money can buy. Since we put so much effort into giving you that information, we need to protect it. So again, do not sign up unless you are serious about joining, because there are NO refunds.


Refund Policy For Millionaire Trader Blueprint Program Only:

We have a money-back guarantee for the first 14 days of the Millionaire Trader Blueprint Program. You may request a full refund at any time between the Program start date and 14 days after the Program content is first made available to you (“Refund Period”) by: (1) sending an e-mail to requesting your money back that has been paid to date, (2) providing your name and e-mail address, and (3) completing the action based requirement.

Action Based Requirement for a refund. You must have logged into the members area for at least 10 days of the first 14 days of your membership. Please note that this is DAYS that you must log in, not times that you log in. For example, if you log in 10 times in one day, that still counts as just one day of logging in.